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Locro de Papa (Potato Soup)

Serves 4-6 Prep 10 min Cook 35 min Ready 45 min

Locro de papa or potato soup is one of my favorite Ecuadorian soups, perfect for a cold winter day. This soup is easy to make, requires few ingredients and is very filling. It can be a complete dinner or accompany a steak with white rice and fried plantains.

This soup always brings me back to my childhood. My Abuelita often had this soup ready for my sister Isa and I after school & she would let us eat it while watching our favorite TV shows before my mom came to pick us up after work. While I appreciated this as a child, now as an adult, I realize how special it really was. My Abuelita would make us our favorite foods everyday and timed it perfectly so we would have a warm meal right when we walked in the door. Even on the worst days, all of those childhood worries would go away as soon as I smelled the achiote in the air.


  • 4 large potatoes

  • ¼ small head of cabbage

  • 1 white onion

  • 2 garlic cloves

  • ½ teaspoon of achiote

  • Abuelita's aliño

  • salt and pepper

  • olive oil

  • water or broth


1. First, finely chop the onion and 2 cloves of garlic. Add the onion with 2 teaspoons of olive oil to a pot on medium heat first; then, a few minutes later add the garlic.

Once the onions and garlic are thoroughly cooked, add a cup of water along with the achiote + 1 tablespoon of Abuelita's Aliño and stir until the achiote is fully dissolved.

2. Peel and chop potatoes into even cubes. Add into the pot, along with 5 cups of water or broth. Cook for 15-20 mins or until the potatoes are fork tender. Add in 1/4 head of chopped cabbage, 2 tablespoons of Abuelita's aliño and cook for about 10 more mins.

Note: If you use water vs broth, you will need more aliño.

3. With a hand blender or in food processor, blend the soup until there is a smooth consistency. Add salt and pepper to taste.

Optional: Add fresh avocado and cheese as toppings before serving.

Buen Provecho!

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